Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life is a Sitcom

Sometimes I wish my life was a sitcom.  I thought this last night as I watched New Girl and wished my friends and I went around saying the hilarious things Schmidt says or that I was starting a tremulous relationship with Nick Miller.  I wish my life was a sitcom.  And then I kind of is.  Particularly when things like the following conversation happen:

Me: I don't want anyone to say that I wear the pants in my family-I don't want them to think like that of my (fictitious and hypothetical) husband.  (((Pause))) But...I don't really want them to think he wears the pants either...

Friend D: Yeah its really best if no one wears pants.

Who needs a sitcom when you have real life?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

God Knows

Things have not been easy in my life lately.  Compared to some I feel bad complaining or worrying.  But everyone's struggles are relative to their own lives, their own stories.  And lately mine has been rough.

School has been hard.  The hardest its ever been.  I have a huge, boy-heavy class of kids and there are SEVERAL big behavior issues.  It's making it tough to teach and tough to feel effective. And, some days, tough to keep my sanity.

I have family turmoil going on.  It's causing lots of tension, lots of drama and I have been feeling very hurt, unimportant and kind of a non-factor lately.

And I feel bad whining about it.  Which makes me mad.  I should be allowed to whine or complain sometimes without feeling guilty about it.  About making it about me for once.  I seldom do honestly.  So in the depths of a pity party the other day I was contemplating how, even my parents, my closest friends and family, seemed to have no idea how much hurt and struggle I was going through internally.  Apparently I hide things very well.  Which hurt my feelings too.  Shouldn't someone KNOW me well enough to tell I was having a hard time??? (I told you, it was a total pity party!)

So I prayed.  Ferverently.  About everything.

God hears us. He knows.

Last night (after a somewhat better day) a friend from church called.  He just wanted to check on me.  He had noticed that I seemed off in Sunday School.  Mind you, we didn't even get a chance to talk on Sunday due to him arriving a little late and me leaving early for childcare duties.  I responded I didn't know I was that obvious. He said I wasn't.  He just knew me.  And he wanted to check on me.

It was one of the best phone calls I've had in a long time.  Just what I needed to hear. From an unexpected source.  One of my other friends who knows me better than most anyone in the world said she wouldn't have even been able to tell anything was wrong.  But he did. 

He knew.
He knew me.
God knows too.
Every time.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Back to the Drawing Board

So I've tried this blogging thing several times.  It's not been the magical success story I hoped either time.  But you know what?  I like writing.  I miss it.  It's like a very public journal and if no one but me reads it, that's ok. 

I realize I need to amp it up.  I need to include more pictures.  More excitement.  That's what it takes.  That's what I love about the blogs I read.  More sharing.  More openness.  I think that would be good for me.

I feel like I am on a precipice lately.  On the verge of something.  I don't know what or when or why, which is both exciting and terrifying at the same time.  But I feel like big things are coming.  I hope I'm ready.

For just a little peek into me:

I'm Lindsay. I'm (GULP!) almost 30.  My life is not what I dreamed of as a child but is pretty amazing at the same time. You'll hear about that.

I love Jesus, my family, my friends, my dogs Mazie & Ruby, boot camp, getting fit, cooking, singing, dancing and laughing.  I love Pinterest and Facebook and am becoming a Instagram and Twitter convert.  You'll hear about that.

I teach kindergarten. Some days its amazing, some days its amazingly hard, but its always an adventure.  You'll hear about that too.

My blog title comes from on of my favorite Bible verses.  I have issues with some of Proverbs 31 but this portion I adore.  I try to live like that.  I fail.  I try again.

Welcome and stay a while :)  Questions, comments?  If they're nice and respectful I'll answer.  If they're not, I'll delete them.  It's my rules baby.  Like it or leave it.

Enjoy the ride!