Thursday, November 7, 2013


Everyone is doing the 30 days of thanks thing on facebook.  I've done it before too.  I think its good and nice to stop and reflect on what we have and our blessings.  All the time, yes, but its nice no matter when/where it happens.

I didn't participate this year.  I'm not sure why.  Maybe its best summed up by this eCard (isn't everything?)

Because its so true.  And since we are all guilty of airing our complaints and tirades on the old facebook (bc that's easier than real life) I didn't want to be hypocritical-its one of my very least favorite things to be.

But I am thankful-in November and always for many things.  So I'm just going to share them with you all here.  In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, but with the reminder to count your blessings always, not just in November :)

1-God and His never ending, totally undeserved love and patience with me.  I could never, ever be worthy.  His Grace is in fact absolutely amazing.

2-My family.  It's been a rough year for us.  We've weathered more turmoil than every before but things are starting to look up.  But no matter what I know they, particularly my parents, would do anything for me and love me in spite of all my many flaws.

3-My friends-I have some freaking amazing ones.  I only pray others are as blessed in this areas.  The other day in a moment of crisis I had 4 people I could immediately text and they were all ready to lend support, an ear, an outlet.  Love.  You need people, people.  If you don't have some, invest.

4-My church family.  My growing relationship with God has opened me up to some of the best people.  They worry about me and care for me and pray for and with me.  That's a beautiful relationship to build too.

5-My job.  Teaching is at once the most exhausting, exhilarating, rewarding, draining, hilarious, worry causing job out there.  For every moment that makes me want to quit, there are at least 5 that make me want to do this forever.

That's enough for now-I am blessed-how are you blessed?

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