Sunday, December 29, 2013


2013 is almost over.  It's been a good year.  And  a hard one.  I've grown exponentially in my faith, gotten baptized and seen my family rip apart and then knit back together.  It's had highs, lows and in betweens.  Basically-life.

So here are my resolutions for the new year. I don't always make them, I certainly don't always keep them but nonetheless:

I hereby resolve... get myself in the best possible financial state possible.  This includes cancelling all uneccessary credit cards, paying off all remaining ones, starting a weekly savings plan that will save me over 1,000 in the coming year and cutting all other costs and spending far more wisely. continue to get myself in better shape and lose the remaining 50 lbs I'd like to lose,  This will include amping up my exerciese regime (inclusing adding back my nemesis-cardio), cutting out as much sugar as possible (I can't quit it alltogether.  Cupcakes and I, we've got something going), and eating cleaner and better.   Let operation smokin' hot body commence.

...being more intentional and stringent about making time for me and God.  I bought a yearly devotional before Christmas and my goal is to set aside some quiet time each day to pray, study my Bible and grow closer to God.

These are my goals-how about you?  Do you make resolutions? And keep them?

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