Friday, January 10, 2014

Blogging Challenge-Day 2-20 Facts About Me

1-I am claustrophobic. As on elevators, parking garages and tunnels nearly give me panic attacks. 
2-I sleep with a fan AT ALL TIMES, ALL YEAR LONG.
3-I would love to get married and have a family but sometimes, am blissfully content in my nice house, with my freedom. Which makes me feel guilty. 
4-I have a widely eclectic taste in music. My iPod possesses Johnny Cash, Maroon 5, show tunes, Broadway hits, gospel, contemporary Christian, LOTS of country and many more. 
5-I love to cook. And just dropped a significant amount on an oven that will be paid off by around 2016. Thanks Lowes! 
6-Pioneer Woman is my hero. Her ranch? I want to go to there. If you don't know her, introduce yourself posthaste. ps-I made her salsa for a get together tonight. My friends literally inhaled it. 
7-I have one dimple and some mini dimples on the other side. I barely remember they exist until someone mentions or points them out. 

8-I wish upon wish I was not so sensitive and that my feelings were not so easily hurt. But I don't see that changing at any point. 
9-I love all my apple products but cannot have a battery percentage showing. It gives me serious anxiety. 
10-Any fruit I purchase must be firm.  The least bit if mush and I am not eating it. My bananas border on green. 
11-I own a beagle-Mazie-and a Red healer-Ruby. They are sweet girls, but tonight? They are driving me stark, raving mad.

12-I love using big words. Not to sound pretentious (see what I did there?) but because I like the way they roll off my tongue. 
13-I love my job, teaching kindergarten, but am having a realllllly rough year that is making me rethink some things. I'm hoping it's just this year. 
14-My favorite color is blue. 
15-I love LOVE love to sleep. But to my neverending sorrow I am not able to do it as much as in my youth. 
16-I love Mexican food, Chinese food and Italian food. 
17-While I love dressing up, I also usually feel best in jeans and a cute tee. 
18-I LOVE the tv show Psych. 
19-Netflix-I can't quit you. 
20-I wish I was a blogging success. With actual followers and comments. 
The end. 

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