Thursday, January 23, 2014

Blogging Challenge Day 4-what I'm afraid of...

I'm behind in my blogging because one of my greatest dears-losing someone I love-came true. My father passed away very unexpectedly on January 12th.

Losing a parent is something that you cannot possibly fathom if you have not experienced it. I never realized how true it was until it happened to me.

You cannot know.
One of the two people who love me most in the world are gone. That cannot be replaced. I will never stop missing him and never stop cherishing every memory I have.

Someone put things very well though-better to have had 30 years of an amazing father than a few years or a bad one. I was very blessed.

But my heart is still broken. In more pieces than I thought possible.

And one of my greatest fears is a reality.

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